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Your needs are our priority. P&Q Partners offers insurance products, no-cost benefits, and financial planning services to individuals and organizations across the globe. As a part of the American Income Life/National Income family, we are the only 100% union label insurance company in the world! We work exclusively with 30,000 union groups to provide life insurance and supplemental benefits to hard-working families like yours.

With a variety of plans and programs to choose from, our representatives will help you find the one that best meets the needs of you and your family. Whether you’re looking for whole or term life insurance, accident protection, or supplemental health insurance, we can provide two of the most valuable things your family needs for the future— protection and peace of mind.

P&Q Partners is also committed to serving in our communities. We believe we should serve and protect those who serve and protect us! Through our community service efforts, our representatives provide needy families with important necessities, build schools and wells overseas, and lend our support to labor unions, credit unions, and marketplaces nationwide.

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P&Q Partners is an industry leader in financial products and offers an extensive range of solutions to protect your assets. Our trained and licensed professionals can help you make the right moves for you and your family.


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