P&Q Partners on Simple Ways Businesses Can Give Back to the Community

Community involvement cultivates positive change and lays the groundwork for future charitable initiatives. Philanthropic endeavors strengthen communal ties by aligning employees to a common cause and instilling individuals with a sense of purpose. P&Q Partners — a company that offers customized financial protection plans, claims that businesses play an integral role in community development and can demonstrate their support through a multitude of outlets. From sponsorships to various fundraising events, local businesses have access to a variety of resources they can utilize to make a significant impact on the lives of those in need. Ultimately, giving back to the community increases morale and allows companies to further connect with their employees. P&Q Partners outline some of the easiest ways a business can support its local community.

Raise Charitable Donations

Requesting charitable donations is a simple yet effective means for businesses to give back to their community. Employers have the opportunity to lead by example by encouraging individuals to collect funds for a meaningful cause. P&Q Partners state that they run bi-weekly food drives, where each employee contributes various non-perishable items to their local Salvation Army. Similarly, every Christmas, they encourage their staff to bring in gifts that are then donated to the ‘Toys for Tots’ foundation which helps less fortunate families during the holiday season.

Provide Volunteer Incentives

Various companies provide incentives for individuals willing to volunteer their time and efforts to a local cause. In an attempt to harness positive change, many businesses now offer employees paid time off for their voluntary efforts. Popular volunteer initiatives include Habitat for Humanity, The American Red Cross, and neighborhood animal rescue shelters.

Support Local Businesses

Supporting other local businesses is also a proactive way to contribute to a community. P&Q Partners purchase their furniture from local shops and donate all of their old furniture to the Vietnam Veterans of America. Companies can also show their support by engaging with small businesses on social media and encouraging people to check out their unique services.

Lend out Office Space

Allowing local charitable organizations to utilize company office space is a significant means to support both the community and company culture. Lending out space decreases an organization’s overhead costs, helping them to spend funds elsewhere. Providing a place for non-profits to be productive also motivates employees to take action.

Cultivating Change

P&Q Partners continue to serve their local community and work diligently to cultivate change. Located in Blue Bell Pennsylvania, they continue to find new ways to give back and have donated close to $190,000 to the Heart Foundation under their parent company. With over 60 years of professional experience, P&Q Partners encourage businesses to play a prominent role in their community claiming there are many ways to make a difference.

P&Q Partners