P&Q Partners Explains How to Have a Positive Office Culture

Just as different countries have varying social standards, every workplace has its own unique culture. Company cultures are defined by all aspects of a business: their values, the employees, ethics, and overall environment, along with other factors.

With over 60 years in business, P&Q Partners in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania know that cultivating a positive office culture can be achieved through communication, expression, values, relationships, and the use of affirmative language. Through their success as a strong financial company, they have come to understand the true importance of crafting a powerful and appealing company culture.

Open and honest communication

You have heard it time and time again, but it’s true: communication is key. In a happy, respectful workplace, employees feel free to speak their mind and share ideas without fearing criticism. Besides creating a constructive and productive office setting, open communication also encourages collaboration through brainstorming and innovation — key elements in a business’s success.

To welcome communication and positivity, company leaders should adopt an open-door policy with their employees. They must set the precedent by asking for feedback, and listening when ideas are presented. Effective workplace leaders keep an open mind, consider their words before responding, and operate under the policy that there’s no such thing as a dumb question or a stupid idea.

Allow self-expression

Positive office cultures fully embrace individual differences and allow their staff to express themselves as the people they are. These expressions can come in the forms of personal style, desk decorations, mannerisms, and any other personal traits. By allowing and embracing these traits through elements such as flexible dress protocols, an office becomes a safe and accepting place.

Companies like P&Q Partners embrace their staff’s differences and place value on individual employees as distinct, unique parts of a successful team. Each employee is encouraged to express themselves and have their singularity recognized as a precious commodity.

Company-sponsored social activities

In order to maintain a positive work environment, it is important to establish meaningful relationships. These connections should go beyond the superficial morning waves so that employees can feel supported by their peers. Besides boosted morale, the company would experience increased productivity, unbelievable teamwork, and completely open communication. P&Q Partners understands that the best workplace culture is one fostered by friendship. If you like the people you work alongside with, the office environment will feel less like a chore.

Offices can orchestrate bonding opportunities through company-sponsored social activities. P&Q Partners has done this through the introduction of social events such as a Thanksgiving feast and an ugly sweater party. These allow coworkers to bond in ways that enrich their relationships with one another, which inevitably leads to a happier workplace and smoother team performance.

Speaking in a language of improvement

An affirmative work culture means focusing on rewards instead of punishment. When it comes to employee feedback, it is better to focus on what the person does well before mentioning what needs improvement. Make it a habit to publicly praise employees who have done exceptionally well so other members of the team can learn from them.

P&Q Partners has found that sharing success and speaking the language of improvement is the best way to cultivate a positive work culture. The company expresses appreciation frequently — on a quarterly basis, employees are recognized for their efforts and accolades. The sharing of these successes is a great way to promote positivity and encourage staff towards improvement.

Final thoughts

Positive company culture isn’t something that happens by accident. It takes conscious efforts and a team of dedicated leaders to construct. With care, by speaking in a language of improvement, encouraging camaraderie, allowing for self-expression, and promoting communication, your workplace can bloom into a positive space that your employees enjoy being a part of.

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